VIDEO: Twilight Stars Talk Crazy Fans, New Moon and More

Before they went on to dominate this year’s MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, the cast of Twilight stopped on the red carpet to discuss a variety of topics with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson.

Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Christian Serratos and Elizabeth Reaser discussed everything from crazy fans to the most intense New Moon scene to how the sequel will match up to the original.

The general consensus: Serratos’ craziest fan encounter occurred when she was trapped in an elevator by a bunch of Twi-hards, New Moon will totally top Twilight, and the most intense New Moon scene is when Bella Swan gets a paper cut at a birthday party, prompting Jasper Hale to attack her.

“It gets very dangerous, very quick,” Reaser notes.

Sure, but not as dangerous as being trapped in an elevator by crazed vampire devotees.

Check out the video below:

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