Exclusive Pics: The Pole Truth With Kendra Wilkinson

Former Girls Next Door girl and bride-to-be Kendra Wilkinson is getting her butt in gear, and she’s using her beloved stripper’s pole—sorry, “sports pole”—to do it.

“I’m an outdoors girl so its hard to find fun ways to exercise in my house that keep me from getting bored,” Wilkinson writes on her official site. “I’m like a little monkey and love to swing around on things haha so that’s why i decided to create my own line of sports poles which will be coming out soon!!!!!”

To prepare for her stint as a sports-pole entrepreneur, Wilkinson notes that she’s taken a “sports pole” lesson from renowned fitness instructor Estee Zakar, who showed her “how to sing like a pro!”

Check out the pics and have your say in the comments section: What do you think of Kendra’s pole technique?

And for many more photos of Wilkinson working the pole, visit her official Web site.