Have The Pratts Quit ‘I’m A Celebrity’?

Have Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt really called it quits on their new show, before Heidi had the chance to eat kangaroo genitals

Before yesterday’s premiere of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Outta Here!, reports came in that the NBC show’s main stars were already threatening to quit the reality show, based in the Costa Rican jungle. Now, it seems that the recently married duo has really fled for good.

A source tells TMZ that the Hills couple decided to bail on the show after last night’s live show. 

In light of the news, the charity that the couple was raising money for says they want nothing to do with the musically talented stars. The Red Cross says that they don’t wish to be associated with Heidi and Spencer. Shocking, right?

People reports that Daniel Baldwin is already secretly in the jungle and set to replace the Pratts. Daniel’s brother, Stephen Baldwin, is currently on the show. The source added that the network is currently hard at work to find a female replacement.

Check out this priceless clip from last night’s premiere:

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