Megan Fox Talks Making Out With Shia LaBeouf

As if kissing Shia LaBeouf could be anything BUT enjoyable?

Megan Fox and Shia recently talked about their sexy kissing scene while promoting their new film, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

Shia said, “We did something like five takes.” Megan added, “Yeah, we shot that scene all day. Clearly he enjoyed it!”

When asked if Megan was a good kisser, LaBeouf revealed, “Yeah absolutely. I think she’d say I’m pretty good too.”

Megan added, “I’ve said it before, he’s a really good kisser. It’s always awkward, you’re on set with a bunch of grown men, sweaty sitting outside, carrying camera equipment and wanting to take their break, and you’re having to kiss!”

In other Shia news, he is confirmed to be a part of the upcoming sequel to Wall Street, which will feature Javier Bardem as the main villain and Shia as a young trader. Michael Douglas will reprise his role from the first movie for Wall Street 2