Miley Cyrus Is Going On Tour, Y’all

Miley Cyrus took to her beloved twitter account this morning to make a huge announcement. 

She’s going on tour! And she’s not just picking some random band to travel the country with her—she’s keeping it in the family! The sushi lover will be making 45 stops around the country with her brother Trace’s band Metro Station

Miley tweeted, “Thats right folks- im going on tour!!! but not anytour, with METROSTATION!!!! I cant wait to see yall there! go to or!!! yayy :) we are selling tickets the REAL way!!!”

She told her brother, “Were gonna have the DOPEST TOUR OF ALL HISTORY!!! i love u.”

The tour begins September 14, 2009 in Portland, Oregon and tickets go on sale next Saturday, June 13. Visit Miley’s official site for more details.

Have your say in the comments section: Will you be hitting up one of Miley’s concerts this fall?