Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister: Ready for Her Close-up?

If you thought that the Cyrus entertainment dynasty would die out when Miley Cyrus sings her last note, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

The Hannah Montana star’s younger sister, Noah, has been bitten hard by the show-biz bug, as evidenced by this video of the tot hosting a mock talk show with her pal Emily Grace Reaves at The Suite Life of Zack and Cody actress Brittany Curran’s 19th birthday party this week.

Noah, who seems to have been mainlining black coffee for several hours just prior to taping, nearly jumps out of her own skin—her co-host actually has to hold her down at one point—as she asked her guests probing questions such as, “Who does your hair?”

Apparently, hyperactivity runs in the family.

Check out the video below and have your say in the comments section: How far were you able to make it through before cringing?