Robert Pattinson Takes New York

Attention New Yorkers; your ever-humble city has been invaded by a force more powerful than nature itself!

Fresh from his triumphant appearance at this year’s MTV Movie Awards (and his intimate late-night dinner with co-star Kristen Stewart), Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson was stomping around the Big Apple on Tuesday, looking particularly rugged and ready for action.

One reason for his demeanor may be that  the typically twiggy Pattinson has been packing on the muscle lately. Contrary to rumors that his six-pack was airbrushed on for the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, his co-star Kellan Lutz says that it’s all real, baby.

“Taylor [Lautner] been training Rob a lot, and that’s why he’s got such ripped abs,” “New Moon” Lutz reveals to the New York Daily News. “Rob’s been working hard. He’s trying to be the best Edward  [Cullen] he can be.”

One thing’s for sure; he’s already the best Robert Pattinson he can be.

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