Shocker! Heidi and Spencer Want Back on “I’m a Celebrity”

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are turning to their bestest buddy Jesus for yet another favor—to get them back onto the survivalist reality series I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Outta Here!

After whining about their co-stars and ultimately bailing on the series just as it hit the airwaves, the Hills villains are asking for forgiveness from the Almighty—and network execs, Us Weekly reports.

“I am praying to Jesus to have NBC forgive me and allow Speidi back! The jungle makes you do crazy things,” Pratt tweeted on Tuesday night.

Crazy things, huh, Spence? Presumably, that includes the perhaps misguided rap video you filmed while in the wilds of Costa Rica?

It just might take a miracle to get them back on the series. NBC has reportedly tapped Heidi’s sister Holly Montag and Daniel Baldwin—brother of current contestant Stephen Baldwin—to replace the duo.

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