VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Makes Nice With K-Stew’s Parents

You’ve heard all about Robert Pattinson’s intimate dinner date with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart following Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards.

Now check out video footage of Pattinson making nicey-nice with K-Stew’s parents, John Stewart and Jules Mann-Stewart, outside of his and Stewart’s Los Angeles hotel the morning after.

The video, lensed on Monday morning before R-Pattz lit out for New York, certainly seems to depict an ultra-chummy relationship between Pattinson and the parents of his rumored secret girlfriend. Check out the big hug that Rob gives Ma Stewart, and the way she fixes his hair for him:

What say you, Team Robsten? Does this serve as more evidence that Rob and Kristen are more than mere co-stars? Have your say in the comments section!