Kristen Stewart’s Co-Star Explains Her Popcorn Spill

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has never seemed too comfortable around the cameras, and that was more apparent than ever at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards.

When Rob Pattinson’s rumored girlfriend took the stage to accept her Golden Popcorn for Best Female Performance, she was fidgety, dropped her popcorn, and admitted to fans that she is “awkward.”

New Moon cast-mate Peter Facinelli talked to OK! on Tuesday night about Kristen’s odd behavior. “That’s just Kristen. I think she has that shaky knee syndrome and that’s part of her charm.”

He insists that she has “a real charm and grace about her,” and it’s just the sudden fame that makes her “uncomfortable.” She”is settling into it,” just like the rest of the cast. 

He has high hopes for K-Stew, however. “To sweep the awards like that? If that doesn’t build someone’s confidence, I don’t know what can.”