Mary-Kate Olsen Signs On For ‘Beastly’

Watch out Vanessa Hudgens, there’s a new girl coming to town. 

Variety has announced that Mary-Kate Olsen has joined the cast of the Beauty and the Beast remake called Beastly that will be set in modern day New York. 

Olsen will be playing a disgruntled ex girlfriend who puts a spell on the gorgeous Alex Pettyfer, who then becomes everything he hates. Hudgens plays the girl who eventually falls for the hideous creature. Shooting begins June 13 in Montreal. 

Mary-Kate last appeared in The Wackness (where she made out with 65-year-old Ben Kingsley!) and in Showtime’s stoner show Weeds

Can’t wait to see what she brings to the table. Hopefully those kooky Lennon-esque glasses that she loves. 

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