Jon and Kate Gosselin Are Very Much Apart

Jon and Kate Gosselin sure know how to get our attention. Maybe they should have a dinner date with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag and give the two some of their tips!

Although the two are still “together” for the cameras, the Gosselins are leading very separate lives. 

While Kate was showing off her hot bikini bod on her vacation with the 5-year old sextuplets, Jon was at home in Pennsylvania actually taking care of their twin daughters.  

Jon was doing everything from taking the girls to school and practice and even running some errands. You know, things actual parents do. 

A source close to production told Radar, “Jon and Kate had permission to have the twins out of school for a couple of days to go on the vacation, but mostly they were home with their dad and going to school.” 

But for fame-hungry Kate, it’s her time to shine. She’s been “working hard” promoting her new book Eight Little Faces.

When Jon was addressed about his situation he decided to keep his opinion private and simply said, “watch the show.”

Don’t worry Jon, we’ll be watching.