NEW PHOTOS: Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in Public Enemies

It’s time to get gangster, y’all!

A bunch of new photos from the upcoming Johnny Depp/Christian Bale movie Public Enemies have been released, showing the Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean stars in all their gun-toting glory.

The Michael Mann-directed flick features Depp as notorious bank robber John Dillinger, who’s hounded by top FBI agent Melvin Purvis (Bale). The film, which also stars Billy Crudup as FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, Channing Tatum as Pretty Boy Floyd and Marion Cotillard as Dillinger’s moll Billie Frechette, is set for a July 1 release.

Check out the pics and have your say in the comments section: Are you excited to check out Public Enemies when it hits theaters?