Pete Wentz and Nicole Richie Get Fashionably Friendly

Pete Wentz and Nicole Richie, walking around arm-in-arm in public in full view of the paps? Does Pete’s wife Ashlee Simpson know about this?

Luckily, Nicole was merely lending support to the Fall Out Boy bassist as he showed off the fare from his Clandestine Industries clothing line at Boulevard3 in Hollywood on Thursday. Richie’s own line, House of Harlow, was also featured at the fashion show.

During the event, which was also attended by rapper Eve, Wentz told E! Online that he’s a pretty hands-off designer when it comes to dealing with the models who wear his togs.

“I don’t give anybody on the runway advice,” Wentz admitted. “Look how I’m dressed…I’m too short to be walking down the runway!”

Haha; at least he’s not short on humor…