Vanessa Hudgens Covers In Style

Is Vanessa Hudgens looking up to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

“They take crazy chances and I love them for that,” said Hudgens of the mini-moguls’ fashion sense. 

While Vanessa is inspired by the fashions of Nicole Richie and Kate Moss, she claims she is not a ”label whore.” “For the most part, I dress myself,” said Hudgens. 

Hudgens embraces her sexy side on the cover of UK In Style and talks about her latest roles, why she doesn’t want to move in with Zac and the explicit photos of her that appeared on the internet in 2007. 

With roles in the upcoming flicks Bandslam and Sucker Punch, Vanessa is done with her “bubbly” image from High School Musical and is pursuing “dark” and “sexy” characters that “kick ass.”  

“It’s totally my Angelina Jolie part. People are either going to love me for doing it or hate me for doing it, but I’m very excited,” said Hudgens of the movie Sucker Punch. 

Vanessa has her yummy boyfriend Zac Efron to enjoy her success with. Unfortunately

one thing she isn’t willing to share with him is her home. ”I’m young, I should have my own place. I think that everybody should buy their own home on their own,” said Hudgens. 

Although it may seem like everything is perfect for Hudgens now, there was a time when she was struggling to maintain her perfect image.  

“It happened and it’s stupid and it sucks, but it’s a thing of the past,” said Vanessa of the explicit photos that appeared on the internet two years ago. “I’ve got to live up to my faults. It is what it is. But you choose your own path.” 

Looks like Vanessa is choosing the right path now and we can’t wait to see her debut her darker, sexier side in her upcoming movies.  

Enjoy Vanessa’s sexy photospread and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.