Clay Aiken Fans Responsible for Adam Lambert Smear?

Clay Aiken Fans Responsible for Adam Lambert Smear?-photo

Intriguing new developments have popped up in the curious story of Adam Lambert's supposed bad attitude.

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that American Idol runner-up Lambert had turned into a terror on the publicity trail, with people who had supposedly worked with him characterizing the singer as "such a diva" and "rude to everyone."

And now, claims the blog Clay Aiken 411, the true source of the story has been revealed.

The site says that fans of former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken—popularly known as "Claymates"—orchestrated the story in an effort to "get even" with Lambert.

There's been increasing bad blood between Aiken and Lambert in the past couple of weeks. After Aiken slammed Lambert's performance on his Web site, Lambert cheekily shot back that Aiken was trying to "ride my coattails." 

And now, it appears, the escalating feud may have led Clay's fans to engage in a touch of character assassination.

Luckily, Adam has the support of good friends to get him through these difficult times.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you think the Claymates are responsible for smearing Adam Lambert's reputation, or do you think the diva tag is warranted?



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  • GlambertSEA

    I've never been impressed by Clay, in the talent department or whatever dept. Am not a Clay hater either but I do find him rather pompous. However, the day I read his remarks on Adam and the way he wrote to "apologise" later, it sort of confirmed for me what a pathetic person he is. To be fair though, much as I dislike people like him, I don't tend to believe his fans were the ones behind the Adam's smear campaign. It's also not right for people to spread this if it isn't true. The MSNBC "reporter" shd be held accountable for it. (Come to think of it, I'd like to join Whomp and the others is saying "Clay Aiken has fans??" *WG*

  • Mirella

    Adam is an extraordinary singer! Every time I go back to my DVR to listen to him sing (especially Mad World), I get goosebumps. He is just amazing. I love everything about him, even the black nail polish. Not on anybody else; just on him. I love his smile, and I am in love with his voice. I don't care what they say. I think many are jealous, including Clay, because Adam is getting so much attention. I can't wait until he has his own concert, however, right now I'll see him at the American Idol Tour concert on Sept. 8. GO ADAM!

  • Flee

    I love Adam , the fact that I have been entertained by a World Master, A gift to us, Google Quiet Desperation and listen to the King of Bliss, tender, real, handsome and HOT HOT HOT. What a sweet gem. I feel priviledged to have been smitten by a Genius. Adam, know that you are loved beyone measure and a cherished blessing to the world with your passion. We are the lucky ones. The words to Quiet desperation are haunting and can be googled too. Thank You.

  • CindyLou 1957
    CindyLou 1957

    I am a self-professed "claymate" and have been since 2003. However, I think Adam is great and a very talented young man. I think both of them have something to offer the music world. This story needs to go by the way-side. Competition is what the music/entertainment world is all about. You have two very different artists with two very different styles. I probably won't by any CD by Adam Lambert b/c I don't like that style of music, but the fact remains, that there is talent there and it needs to be respected, not only by their fans, but by the artists themselves.

  • Chris

    Wow - only a few weeks after idol two gay divas and their fans are bashing each other. But honestly: who cares?

  • Amy

    I never believed the rumors about Adam being rude, just doesnt fit him. Anyhow, I think Clay Aiken may be a tad jealous about Adam Lambert and the great singer that he is. He may also be using this as a ploy just to get Adam's attention. May even have the hots for him!

  • Terri

    Oh for heaven sakes. Clay fans had nothing to do with it. The owner of that website is a nutjob who is NOT associated with Clay and who apparently went after him too at one time . I doubt that there is 'bad blood' between Clay and Adam. I think they probably haven't even thought about it since the exchange -- they, at least have better things to do with their lives. The only apparent 'feud' is the manufactured one stirred up by gossip columnists and nutjobs. Clay is a good guy. Adam is a good guy. Their fans are great people. Trolls love to stir 'stuff' online. End of story. Sheesh.


    Clay Aiken is the only famous person who badmouth Adam Lambert. AI judges are an exception, of course. Shame on Clay.

  • eloise

    what a bunch of crap. clay aiken has some strange fans, but the strangest one of them all is the guy who runs ClayAiken411. Many of Aiken's fans are Lambert fans, too. If anyone tried to spread false rumors about Adam, it is a fan who also has a blog called Chexxxy's Pearls. I hope Adam avoids the 411 guy and Chexxxy at all costs. If he does, he should be fine.

  • lisa

    There should have never been a Clay Aiken. Because he SUCKS at singing, believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crikey

    Do u really think MSNBC is going to do anything?...wrong. Time magazine and Newsweek quote Perez Hilton as a legitimate news source and no one bats an eye. Welcome to the world of celebrity where you'll find out there is no such thing as truth in journalism and the world is going to hell. IGNORE, IGNORE, not feed the media beast.

  • chloe06

    all these stories get out of hand to where theirs no truth to any of thme. Not true about Adam, and not true about Clay making a big deal about it. Its the news people trying to get a story. They love it when all this stuff goes on. Its tiring.

  • Haupia

    Don't go blaming Clay, his fans, or Adam and his fans on this DIVA issue. There IS someone who's a 'fan' of both and is spreading these stupid rumours just to get a rise and rift out of fans of both. Don't trust what John Paulus says - he's just a famewhore, nothing more.

  • Katy

    Why are you blaming Clay Aiken and his fans? It's a baseless accusation. Why are you perpetuating the very thing you are condemning, i.e. quoting unreliable "sources" as facts? The only person we should hold accountable right now is Courtney Hazlett.

  • Matt360

    This is competely ridiculous this whole story. If these "Claymates" created such a story why are earth did this journalist who is supposed to collect solid material for her blog post such nonsense? She is foolish to do so. Her credibility is something to truly question

  • Jerry

    411 blog belongs to a crazy nut who has been stalking Clay Aiken for 3 years. And now the media is using him as a legitimate news source. Can the state of the journalism in this country get any more pathetic?

  • clambake

    Wow! The Claymates have that much pull?? Cool!

  • I wouldn't doubt it
    I wouldn't doubt it

    Those who have followed the underhanded tactics of the Claymates for years have absolutely no doubt of their capabilities. After the "Ripa Incident" they set out a smear campaign against her husband publishing photos of him as a male stripper (or something like that) and they made sure to dig any dirt on them they could. I wouldn't put it passed them to try smear Adam. Having said that and as much as I despise the Claymates, I believe that they are not as powerful or are there as many as they used to be. They may have planted the seed, but ultimately the responsibility lies on the "journalist" who printed a story without proper verification of the facts. Maybe she's just another rabid Claymate, LOL!

  • kimmer44

    I can't believe that there are so many gullible people out there who will believe anything that is written.No one tries to get the true facts anymore. One person writes some trash and another picks up their trash and runs with it. I don't believe any of it unless I hear it straight from the stars themselves. Shame on all of you. Your just sheep being led to slaughter. Since I have met Clay I know he is a really great guy and I'm sure that Adam is nice as well.

  • ravengirl

    As a journalist myself, I think it is important that the MSNBC editors knows the kind of crap their so-called reporter is spewing. Courtney Hazlett needs to be held accountable for falling for these "unnamed sources" who clearly are laughing hysterically at her gullibility. She is an embarrassment to journalism and her alma mater Columbia U. Write the editor at

  • tet

    We shouldnt even read articles like this. It is obvious that this is just hearsay. Adam is the best.

  • maryann

    I hope they will leave Adam Lambert alone. Instead they should be thankful that we have a megastar in our midst.

  • kreg23

    clay's fan are just jealous.. the diva tag is totally unwarranted..

  • Canela

    John Paulus, who posted on his blog that this was the work of Clay's fans is notorious Clay hater who will do or say anything to smear Clay so the report about Clay's fans is no better than the report about Adam. Courtney Hazlett has been challenged to name her "sources", seeing as they contradict everything ever said by anyone else who has worked with Adam, before AI, in the past six months during AI and in the past few weeks since AI. Still she hasn’t. I mean, surely, what would these people have to fear from linking their names to any criticisms of Adam? Oh, yeah, that’s right ……………….. they can’t be named because they don’t actually exist. COURTNEY HAZLETT NEEDS TO FIRED ONCE AND FOR ALL. SHE IS A LIABILITY. I wish so-called journalists would stop embarrassing themselves and their profession by simply copying and pasting a "report" made up by an MSNBC hack who was merely annoyed by Adam's people telling her that he was too busy to give her an interview. The silly mare took umbrage because she was made to feel less important than the other people who Adam had to see. Guess what? She is less important and her constant sailing close to the libellous wind in order to try to make herself a name does her no favours. As for being rude to fans, do you think that in this day and age of blogs, posts and videophones, if Adam had been rude to any fans, they would have been backwards in coming forwards on numerous websites or would have shyed away from putting up photographic evidence or footage of any incident? I take it this “diva” is the same guy who was accosted by paparazzi during a visit to his doctor the other day. Now, I don't know about you but I don't visit my doctor when I am feeling my best so if ever there was an excuse for Adam to be less than cordial, it may have been then, but still he managed to stay calm and pleasant with them and let them take photographs, and still they wouldn’t let him get back to his car without chasing him up and down the stairs a couple of times. Diva? Rude? Give me strength!

  • nyan

    Yar, doubt Adam could morph from ultimate sweet boy to monster in such a short time. Clay sucks, sad has-been.

  • Assurance

    Clay fans are not behind the smear against Adam. Many Clay fans are fans of Adam too, know Clay's snarky sense of humor well, and didn't take seriously the first Clay comment, but wish Clay had said it differently and that the media had not singled out the one comment to focus on. Dual fans support both talents. The rest of you need to get over it.

  • Ondrea

    damn straight, adam was so rude about clay, at least clay appologized after his blog was posted but adam just had to say that about him. GO CLAY AIKEN! ROCK ON CLAYMATES! lol

  • tij

    When Adam performed at AI and he was done performing, what he would do was turn around and thank the band and whoever he can thank in the back who contributed to his performance. I believe that he was the ONLY contestant in AI that consistently thanked the band and others after his performances. Smearing Adam in the news with FALSE information is not a good thing to do.

  • Kristen

    This is all started by a Clay stalker. Adam Lambert fans should be worried about this stalker. He will start trashing Adam the way he trashes Clay.

  • Whomp

    There are Clay Aiken fans?

  • Itsmymadworld

    What the hell is a Clay hater?

  • Clayadamfan

    Beware of Clay haters and his #1 stalker /destroyer John Paulus. He is the one pasting the private blogs of Clay to the media.

  • penny

    It is such a shame that being a fan of someone should be this hard. I don't believe Clay or his fans are behind any conspiracy against Adam. They have had that done to Clay for years. They know better...okay there are weirdo's out there but don't blame a whole group for a few sickos. I think both Adam and Clay are VERT talented. Both VERY different performers who will appeal to different genre's of audiences. No reason to slam either one or their fans. Please people be kind, neither of them deserve this. Just enjoy who you like and STOP!!!! giving these websites credit for news that means nothing.

  • Crikey

    Why is everyone saying Clay slammed Adam. For chrissakes, he didn't like ROF. And becuz he didn't like that performance, he is now accused of being behind a MSNBC article calling Adam a diva. GAWD people get a f*cking grip.

  • sara

    Having been in the idol fandom for many years it wouldn't be a stretch to believe that Claymates planted this story, however, the fact that it's been supposedly "uncovered" by the psycho who has basically been stalking Clay for the last 3 or 4 years I'd take that information with a grain of salt. The Claymates are a ruthless bunch to be sure when they feel someone has slighted their boy but I'm not sure they are as numerous as they used to be and therefore their ability to reek havoc is limited. The blame lies squarely on the reporter, even if the story was planted by the Claymates. She had the responsibilty to contact the producers and other behind the scenes personnel at the shows Adam appeared on to attempt to get verification. If they gave a no comment then sure it's likely the stories are true... however, if they refuted them then she could toss the source out as unreliable. The article in question isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Worse will be written about Adam over the course of his career. His fans would be wise to grow an thicker skin and let it slide. He'll be fine and he doesn't need his fans protection. Sit back and just enjoy Adam. He's gonna be around for a long time.

  • Petal Blush
    Petal Blush

    Hazelett was a disgusting parasite to have printed the original piece of shisht. It would have been her responsibility to check out any sources she supposedly had (all unnamed) if she so desired to. We don't need further unsubstantiate reports to further spread negative trash about someone else as a result We all know that. Adam is a gracious, respectful, thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, humble, sincere, kind-hearted person and that we all should be grateful he is a such a wonderful role model. He will have a positive influence on more than he will ever know Hazelett needs to crawl into the hole this dirt belongs in and let the reliable news sources give us the positive news about Adam we are interested in reading about, such as his awesome talent, events he will be involved in, and some of the efforts he makes to show kindness to others, etc.

  • jo3

    Peace everybody. Don't let the stalkers and troublemakers do it to you. Adam fans, be warned. They threw the same crap at Clay for years. Just trying to make fan wars, all over again. Clay was called a diva and it was never true. They take any incident , twist and embellish until it is hideous. Like the foot on the airplane armrest - they never told that he was asleep and some lady was hitting him. The FBI was investigating her, not him. There are simple answers for anything you hear, whether about Adam or about Clay. It is part of the fame game. They tried to get Clay, Kelly and Ruben fans to hate each other. It worked for a while too, but the three stars were always close and adoring each other. They will try it with Kris and Adam to. Don't let it ruin the fun of being a fan of a very talented and likeable artist. It can.

  • bethany humphrey
    bethany humphrey

    i love adam to death, he ROCKS! whoever would call him a rude diva is a LOSER!!! he is actually, the nicest, most down-to-earth celebrity i can think of right now and i was infuritated to see him being called a diva. GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra

    To Adam's fans before you believe that Clay or his fans are trying to hurt Adam please do a little research, Clay has been stalked by a sicko named john paulas for years, he would do anything to hurt Clay and his fans. If Clay fans have so much pull why are they not getting these jerks to print wonderful stories about Clay, all I ask is please think about this before hate on Clay, and be careful of this sicko.

  • merrymacg
    merrymacg also picked up Hazlett's BS, so you can also address them, thanks.

  • Carrie

    Everyone has commented how nice Adam Lambert has been and was during the American Idol contest. His fellow contestants said how helpful he was, and how he was the one people went to with any problems. We all know that is NOT TRUE and NOONE BELIEVES THESE LIES ABOUT ADAM!!!

  • lola

    clay aiken is just jealous that adam is getting more attention than what he got. just like adam said; clay wasn't getting any media attention before and now he is so good for him.

  • Mal

    I used to love Clay but I think he needs to concentrate on his career more than Adam. Thought Clay had a nice voice but Adam is a heck of a lot more exciting as a performer (and I am a middle aged married woman)

  • Angry

    Courtney Hazlett of MSNBC is the author of these lies. Spread the word to avoid MSNBC anytime possible in the future until she gets fired. If people stop supporting the tabloid news organizations like MSNBC they will get the message.

  • merrymacg

    Courtney Hazlett needs to be fired. Talk about someone riding on Adam's coattails. You are absolutely right about that! There was a really good article on by suzannarebecca (sorry, it won't paste) about the "parasites'" who are coming out of the woodwork and how livid Glamberts are about it.

  • Thelma

    I think this whole thing is getting out of hand, and none of this is necessary. I would think the fans who know Adam wouldn't believe this stuff for a minute. Clay Aiken 's fans couldn't convince Ms Hazlett to report something without naming sources unless she wanted to. I am a big fan of Adam Lambert, and I think the fans on both sides should just let this blow over, and die down. i think they are both fine young men. As far as Spike Lee is concerned , as a fellow African-american, I know for a fact that Spike Lee could care less about anything said by Ms Hazlett, I'm sure he laughed at her afterwards. It's really sad that someone else's popularity bothers this woman, go take singing lessons sweetie!

  • Gayle__

    Clay Aiken has fans?

  • sann

    Courtney Hazlett needs to be fired. Talk about someone riding on Adam's coattails.

  • Adamlover

    First of all, Adam is no diva. The whole story about Clay's fans starting this false rumor is a lie created by the blog owner of Clay Aiken 411. He's a scorned one night stand who has been stalking Clay and starting trouble since.

  • Brendalee

    Actually I blame it all on Courtney Hazlett, a hack that some how MSNBC employs. This isn't her first smear campaign. She is famous for using "anonymous" sources. In other words made up or totally unreliable. Aiken was the one who took the first shot so I don't see why his fans would get that upset and anyway after all these years are they that rabid any more? Everyone knew it was made up because article after article was appearing saying how polite and well mannered Adam was. When this Hazlett piece of trash was published many journalists slammed her and came to Adam's side. Hazlett never met the guy. The people who came to Adam's side were journalists who had interviewed him. See Michelle Collins article on VH1 as well as several others. Two bit journalists like Hazlett should not be allowed to publish. I don't know if it was Claymates feeding her info which she blindly and stupidy published ( I truly hope they are above this) or it was Hazlett herself going off the deepend. There has also been a lot of talk about Adam's publicist having to reschedule and interview Hazlett was involved in and Hazlett went on her rampage.

  • Lisa Lambert
    Lisa Lambert

    Adam is one of the nicest people on the planet. Of course he doesn't deserve the diva title....he deserved the American Idol title!!!!

  • Dorena

    Legit stories have reported that Adam is always respectful, friendly and helpful. The story is BS. Mentioning the Clay angle is just as trashy - MSNBC reported it originally.

  • Midori

    I have followed the rise of Adam closely and therer is no evidence of diva behaviour - on the contrary - part of his hughe appeal is his loving attitude to others and the world. Courtney Hazbeen is a twerp and needs to sharpen up her game or get fired!

  • Norma

    I strongly believe that Claymates are responsible for smearing Adam Lambert's reputation. What are they thingking...or maybe they are not...

  • music lover
    music lover

    I wish people would leave both Adam AND Clay alone. Geez....this is ridiculous. I am a "Claymate", but I also like Adam's talent. Since so many of Clay's fans like Adam, I can't see them starting this's just silly. What I see is just more bs from those supposed writers who like to stir it up and play in it.

  • Kareen

    I don't know Adam but I am a fan and have seen many interviews he has given. I don't think being a DIVA is in his nature. Besides that he is very talented, he is polite to a fault. Refreshing in our world these days.

  • Andrea P
    Andrea P

    I'm sorry to say I used to be a huge Clay Aiken fan. Not anymore. Adam Lambert has always been nice and humble and thankful to everything given him. He has worked really hard to make it in show business. If you see some of the clips of the photographers chasing and I do mean chasing him around it is sad. I felt like Adam was being hounded. And now the story from this woman and Clay Aiken fans trying to run a smear campaign on him. Well I don't believe it to be true. Any press that is bad press on Adam Lambert is just wrong.

  • JD

    I don't have a clue who is responsible for what, but if I had to make an educated guess based on such stories from the past, my guess what be the news media. It seems the media is just itching to start rumors and spread lies. Everything I've heard about Adam is that he is a really nice person, well liked by all the other finalists. And I can't imagine Clay starting a feud like this. This has never been typical of Clay to do this. But typical of the news media? Oh yeah!!

  • Katy

    Enough already about this DIVA nonsense! I am SICK and TIRED of it! As an Adam Lambert fan, I want some REAL NEWS about him. What are they going to tell us next? That Kris Allen is Tinkerbell? Leave the idol finalists alone you smear-mongers!!!

  • John Paulus is a Stalker
    John Paulus is a Stalker

    The story that Aiken fans are responsible for the Adam diva story is a LIE from Aiken's most psycho stalker. The Clay411 blog is written by AIKEN'S CREEPY STALKER!!!

  • spooky

    Adam rocks!!!! No one can stop him now!!!! This is just sour grapes on Aiken's part - Clay is yesterday - Adam is today & tomorrow!!

  • johnpaulusisapsycho

    Aiken's fans are not behind this crap.

  • lyness

    Beenie is 100% correct! Coutney Hazlett is a hack, "reporting" on false, baseless lies like her "story" (and I use that term in the loosest possible way). If there was any truth to this, videos of Adam's "diva" behavior would be all over the news! A lot of people are looking for any and all dirt on Adam, and try as they may, they're not gonna find much. Whether that loser Clay Aiken is behind it or not remains to be seen, but the author of the original fairytale about Adam is the one who should be held responsible for spreading it. I hope Adam sues her and MSNBC for libel!

  • tj

    None of this story is true . You people foaming at the mouth with hate need to take a chill pill . You are buying into lies told by sh*t stirrers .

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying

    Courtney Hazlett is nothing more than a sensationalism whore, and will lie if she has to...whatever it takes to get attention, because she lacks integrity as a legitimate reporter. She has demonstrated this over and over and should be fired or MSNBC be sued for keeping her on staff...and allowing her again and again to slander . Friends and VALID sources have repeatedly came to Lambert's defense, that he does not act in the manner this reporter wrote. Clay may be a sissy, and his fans may or may not have started such rumors, but it was this reporters responsibility to weigh in the source before flinging her sh--

  • vikkisusanne

    Let's see, regarding Adams' supposed "diva" behavior: one negative unsourced article vs. hundreds of positive testimonials by named sources. You do the math.

  • Valerie

    I used to think Clay was decent. My opinion of him has dropped dramatically. He has absolutely no class to slam Adam, and I have never seen anything that gives the slightest hint of "diva" in regards to Adam. Clay, yes. Adam, no.

  • geri

    Wow, I didn't know that Clay Aiken's fans were that powerful. LOL Clay Aiken fans did not plant any stupid story. People that have met Adam say that he isn't a diva. Big deal. They are two talented guys that are going to be fine. I hope they both just look at this crap for what it is - CRAP! Let the idiots behind keyboards have their fun with causing trouble, while both Clay and Adam laugh all the way to the bank!

  • Trixie

    PS - Whether it is Hazlett or Claymates - whoever - they should be ashamed.

  • AdamisGoodGuy

    Whoever writes falsehoods deserves to be punished, be it by a lawsuit or otherwise. Be it Clay Aiken, Courtney Hazlett (she's the bottom of the barrel type) or anyone else. The point is, it doesn't reflect on Adam because everyone knows he's a good guy; it poorly reflects instead on those who write and spew such rubbish. Adam fans, you need to tell Courtney's boss denisehazlick that she should fire Courtney for her lack of integrity.



  • Selena

    Andrew I wouldn't say that I know Adam personally but i've been a fan of his for 3 years now and have met him numberous times. And he has always been polite. I probably have a better idea of what Adam's like as a person than you do. So maybe you should be the one to get a life so to speak.

  • Jcandy

    if the definition of "diva" is a person who is well-mannered, original, generous, confident, interesting, handsome, gracious, exuberant, and stupendously talented, then yes - Adam Lambert is a diva.

  • andrew

    I'm an Adam fan but this has nothing to do with Clay's fans. The person who wrote that blog mentioned above is not reliable. Adam is not a diva and doesn't deserve the tag. How do you know Adam is not a diva? Do you know him personally? I like how people comment on people's lives as if they know for a fact that they are a certain way. Get. A. Life.

  • Suzanne

    Sad that someone is THAT jealous of our guy Adam and his overwhelming success that they stoop to such hogwash. Anyone who has followed Adam knows that he is too much of a gentleman, humble as can be, and grateful to all around for their support to ever be rude to ANYONE, even Clay Aiken. Clay really hurt his own image with his attack on Adam. Guess he's one of the jealous ones, as well. I LOVED Adam's response to that attack. I'm a fan to stay, Adam. Love you to pieces. And I don't believe a word of the trash that the writer of that hogwash is attempting to circulate out there in an attempt to bring you down. You're just beginning your fabulous career and I'm with you all the way!

  • Jeanine

    Anyone who has been willing to attach their name to their comments has said that Adam is a nice guy so I don't believe Courtney Hazmat for a second regardless of where she got this non-story from. For all we know she could have made the whole thing up. Given her track record it's a strong possibility.

  • Matty Pina
    Matty Pina

    Clay Aiken is a "has been" and can never measure up to Adam lambert. Lambert has superior talent. It's a shame people have to make up stories to put somebody down. I have seen many Lambert interviews and met him in person and he is NO diva. He is well mannered and very articulate not to mention a great talent. As of the person writing all the crap about Lambert--Get a life!

  • Anon

    Why would anyone blame Clay's fans? That is such a ridiculous accusation and it came from a psychopath obsesssed with bringing Clay bad press. He's laughing himself silly. It's further irresponsible for this site to regurgitate such idiocy. Good luck in this hell hole business to both Adam and Clay. You're going to need it when all these blogsites want is controversy.

  • eil

    Nobody is going to believe lies from 'unnamed' sources! I guess some people are just jealous of the most incredible talent to come along in decades! Adam Lambert, you are making soooooo many people happy, we can't wait for your first album. WE LOVE YOU

  • Kiki

    The only one responsible for this story is the author.

  • Patti

    I wish people would leave Adam Lambert alone. Clay Aiken should crawl under a rock and stay there. He gives the music industry a bad name. He STINKS with a capital S. When Clay was on Regis/Kelli show, Kelli couldn't stand sitting next to Clay's pompous a-hole.

  • josie

    Hah! Goes to show how much interest there is in Adam Lambert when a two sentence "article" with no named sources blazes through the internet. I'm going with Kris Allen who "adores the guy." Now that's a reliable source

  • Kareen

    Sounds like sour grapes by Clay and his followers to me. Clay will never measure up to Adam in the talent , looks or charm department and the more he trashes Adam the more he hurts himself.

  • jeanne

    Adam is a gentleman and has been delightful, humble, and genuine in all his post-idol TV and radio interviews, He is way too smart and savvy to act like a diva. This report smelled from the start to be false and fictional, Whether the smear was the work of the MSN gossip reporter or the Claymates, it just never rang true. Adam is fabulous and his fans are NOT going to turn on him when LIES are printed! GO ADAM, YOU ARE THE BEST !!!

  • *Beenie*

    Dirt, dirt, dirt! You'd think for someone who has a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University that Courtney Hazlett would have written an "article" with more class. Instead, she resorted to tabloid trash and desperate lies to get her one minute of fame. Shame on her and shame on MSNBC for releasing that "article" and keeping her employed. The name of her gossip column should be changed from "The Scoop" to "The Poop". I am a HUGE Adam Lambert fan. And, having spent HOURS watching interviews upon interviews with Adam, time after time after time, he has consistently and genuinely been the ultimate gentleman - intelligent, kind, funny, articulate, and honest. After singing on Regis & Kelly, you can hear him in the background thanking them and telling them how much he appreciated being on their show. Adam is a multi-talented, creative/artistic genius. I LOVE what I hear, I LOVE what I see, and I LOVE how Adam's voice makes me feel. I can't wait to get those front row seats to HIS (not American Idol's) first (of many) concerts!

  • Dianne

    Nothing to date, anywhere would suggest that Adam is acting like a diva. I just don't see it. This is a guy who is shocked, overwhelmed and truly grateful for his new found celebrity status. Even if he was even a hint of a diva, he's intelligent enough to know you don't take that path early in your career. I think it's a bunch of bull by someone who's obviously not an Adam Lambert fan.

  • Hey

    No smear. No foundation to the Lambert is a Diva story either. Kris Allen is supposed to sing the for the big NBA game Sunday and Adam Lambert is supposed to recieve the a Young Hollywood Award this weekend, why not report the real stuff instead?

  • amy

    I don't think that MSNBC "reporter" needed any help to plot her character assassination: she's been responsible for major gaffes and inaccuracies before (google Courtney Hazlett, Spike Lee for a great example).

  • Selena

    I'm an Adam fan but this has nothing to do with Clay's fans. The person who wrote that blog mentioned above is not reliable. Adam is not a diva and doesn't deserve the tag.