Clay Aiken Fans Responsible for Adam Lambert Smear?

Intriguing new developments have popped up in the curious story of Adam Lambert’s supposed bad attitude.

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that American Idol runner-up Lambert had turned into a terror on the publicity trail, with people who had supposedly worked with him characterizing the singer as “such a diva” and “rude to everyone.”

And now, claims the blog Clay Aiken 411, the true source of the story has been revealed.

The site says that fans of former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken—popularly known as “Claymates”—orchestrated the story in an effort to “get even” with Lambert.

There’s been increasing bad blood between Aiken and Lambert in the past couple of weeks. After Aiken slammed Lambert’s performance on his Web site, Lambert cheekily shot back that Aiken was trying to “ride my coattails.” 

And now, it appears, the escalating feud may have led Clay’s fans to engage in a touch of character assassination.

Luckily, Adam has the support of good friends to get him through these difficult times.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you think the Claymates are responsible for smearing Adam Lambert’s reputation, or do you think the diva tag is warranted?