Selena Gomez’s Song About Nick Jonas?

Selena Gomez just can’t get away from the drama these days.

First, her MySpace account was apparently hacked, and now there’s more trouble being thrown her way, and this time it’s about her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas

When the couple started dating last year, there were rumors that Selena had written a song about falling in love with Nick, entitled “Headfirst.”

Well, it seems as though that very song has leaked! 

However, the actress is denying that the song has anything to do with her girl crazy ex-boyfriend. 

Selena updated her facebook account with this message: “Yes the song is me, I recorded it about a year and half ago. It is sad to see that something I did privately with friends for fun is.. .now for the public to hear. This is not about ANYONE as some suggest, it is about a childhood crush from back home and it is not part of my upcoming album. It was simple for FUN.”

Listen to the song here:

So, it’s definitely her singing and she claims it’s not about Nick. Hmm…we don’t know what to believe. 

Have your say in the comments: Do you think this leaked song is about Nick?