Brooke Shields Makes Nice With the National Enquirer

Rejoice; the weeks-long feud between Brooke Shields and the National Enquirer is finally over!

People magazine reports that the former Lipstick Jungle actress and the tabloid have reached an agreement, following a brouhaha over Brooke’s dementia-suffering mother, 75-year-old Teri Shields, being checked out of her New Jersey nursing home in mid-May.

At the time, Shields accused reporters from the Enquirer of sneaking Teri out of the facility in order to get an exclusive story.

Also at the time, the paper claimed that the “reporter” was actually a longtime acquaintance of Teri’s who was merely taking her out so she could run some errands.

Now it seems that the Enquirer is willing to make amends for the incident.

“I am very pleased to report that [the] National Enquirer was prevailed upon not to publish a story,” Shields’ attorney, Gerald B. Lefcourt, has anounced. “Further, it has or will be apologizing publicly. Finally, it has agreed to make a generous donation to further research on dementia and to encourage others to do so.”

Lefcourt added, “I am glad that Brooke Shields and her family can consider the matter now closed.”

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