Gordon Ramsay : Not Particularly Lesbian-Friendly

Gordon Ramsay : Not Particularly Lesbian-Friendly-photo

Maybe Gordon Ramsay should stick to using his mouth for food tastings from here on in.

Fox News reports that the famously abrasive Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares host shocked and outraged an Australian audience by engaging in a sexist, homophobic rant directed at a prominent journalist.

The incident occurred during the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne over the weekend, when Ramsay, in front of an audience of several thousand people, insulted A Current Affair personality Tracy Grimshaw on a variety of levels.

Ramsay's foul-mouthed tirade began when he showed he audience a picture of a woman on her hands and knees, who bore multiple breasts and the facial features of a pig.

"That's Tracy Grimshaw," Ramsay told the crowd. "I had an interview with her yesterday. Holy crap. She needs to see Simon Cowell's Botox doctor."

As the audience struggled to absorb his personal attack, Ramsay went on to claim that Grisham is "a lesbian."

Responding to the audience's gasps, Ramsay replied, "What? I'm not saying she's a d*ke."

Go ahead, Ramsay; there's room in your mouth for the other foot.

Women's Forum Australia was quick to react, calling for the sponsors of Ramsay's shows to abandon him.

"Ramsay's sexist and demeaning actions are offensive to every Australian woman," Women's Forum Australia spokesperson Melinda Tankard Reist announced."Why should he get paid for depicting a woman as an animal and publicly deriding her looks? He shouldn't be making money through the verbal abuse of women."

Ramsay's rep, Sarah Armstrong, has since come out and said that Ramsay's remarks were made in jest.

"He really respects Tracy Grimshaw as a journalist. It was just a joke," Armstrong noted. "She interviews him every time he comes to Australia. They have a great relationship."

If that's how Gordon Ramsay treats his friends, we'd hate to see how he treats the people he doesn't like.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you think Gordon Ramsay went too far with his comments?



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  • H

    What's amusing is that he's also too thick to realise her retaliation is at him, not his wife. Grimshaw criticised the way he treats his wife, which is HIS problem, not hers.

  • Jen

    It's charming how he uses lesbian as an insult... Rather the ugliest woman in the world than him, thanks.

  • Steve68

    f*ck Gordon Ramsey, f*ck his pathetic, arrogant attitide, and double f*ck his sh*tsucking cooking.

  • Zak

    Revoke his visa and send him back to the UK. We have enough homophobic trash of our own in this country. We also have better cuisine, chefs and dinning.

  • aula

    I'll say it right now: Gordon Ramsay is worse than Hitler. Yeah I was just reading about how Ramsay committed genocide against 6,000,000 pigs - appparently their tails weren't curly enough! Bastard!

  • pissed off
    pissed off

    gordon ramsay needs to meet me so i can rip his ugly head off

  • Teri

    Who's Gordon Ramsay to suggest anyone else get botox???? Ha ha. Good on you, Tracy. Love your work.

  • lachlan

    Tracey Grimshaw needs to get over it. No one else takes his comments so personally -she's just trying to boost her viewings.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I'll say it right now: Gordon Ramsay is worse than Hitler.

  • georgie

    Ramsay definitely went too far. He should be ostracised for this horrible unfair unwarranted attack on Tracey.

  • joe

    so what ...he doesnt like fish

  • noah

    Whoa. At least he didn't make any racist remarks -- unlike Robert Pattinson, that god damn racist vampire!

  • theultimatewarrior

    this guy is the ULTIMATE WARRIOR of the cooking world... pure unadulterated RAGE!