Kellan Lutz Is Just Plane Health-Conscious

Just how does Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz manage to maintain his impressive physique while dealing with a hectic schedule?

Celebuzz caught up with the guy who plays Emmett Cullen at the Young Hollywood Awards in Santa Monica, California, on Sunday and found out how he balances his travel obligations with his workout regimen. Or at least tries to.

“It’s really frustrating for me because I’ve just been on way too many airplanes and I try to do those workout things on the airplane and everyone kind of got annoyed because maybe I was trying to workout and they’re like, ‘Argghh,'” Lutz reveals.

“They have those pamphlets like so you do dips and then like lunges in the aisle,” notes Lutz. “I tried to do push-ups but the aisle wasn’t big enough.”

Yeah, and the FAA definitely frowns upon passengers blocking the aisles these days. Maybe it’s time for a private jet?