Pete Doherty Is Really Flying High

Shocking news! 

Britain’s infamous druggie Pete Doherty has once again been caught red handed. What number arrest is this?

On Friday, the singer was arrested in Switzerland after being accused of taking drugs on a British Airways flight.

After a flight attendant found Pete slumped in a toilet on his flight to Geneva along with a hypodermic needle in the toilet, he was detained by police upon arrival. Yet, he was still allowed to play a concert in Switzerland before returning to London yesterday.

A passenger on board revealed, “A few people on the plane recognised Pete and he went to the bathroom more than halfway into the flight.”

“He had been in there for about 25 minutes when the announcement came over the tannoy for the crew to prepare the flight for landing. The crew knocked on the door but Pete didn’t come out. They eventually managed to get in 10 minutes before the plane landed. Pete was taken back to his seat and he looked completely out of it.”

A police spokesman announced, ”We were contacted by the captain of a BA flight and a passenger was controlled by police. He was charged—but I cannot say what with. He paid a fine and was allowed to go.”

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Pete Doherty is EVER going to give up the drugs?

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