Robert Pattinson and His Friend Are a Couple of Shady Characters

Well, here’s one set of Robert Pattinson photos that are unlikely to spark any hookup rumors.

Currently in New York preparing to film Remember Me with newly single co-star Emilie de Ravin, the Twilight heartthrob spent some quality time with his buddy Tom Sturridge on Sunday, and dang if they didn’t look a little like twins in their coordinated wardrobe.

Clad in jeans, sunglasses and caps, the two were barely distinguishable from each other, save for RPattz’s plaid shirt and his pal’s Eddie Money tee. (Guess Pattinson’s Jeff Buckley T-shirt was in the laundry.)

Maybe Pattinson is planning to use his buddy as a decoy to evade his ever-growing and rabid fanbase?

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