Steve-O Lashes Out at TMZ

Even for perpetual jokester Steve-O, some things are no laughing matter.

Celebuzz caught up with the Jackass daredevil and Dancing With the Stars contestant at the Young Hollywood Awards in Santa Monica, California, on Sunday, and when the subject of Harvey Levin and TMZ came up, Steve-O (born Stephen Glover) lashed out at the gossip outlet and its figurehead.

Told that TMZ had recently opined that he had lost his comedic edge since cleaning up and getting sober, Steve-O launched into a tirade.

“Those sons of bitches. Wow. If that’s what he (Harvey Levin) thinks then that’s what he thinks,” Steve-O fumed. “If Harvey Levin is personally attacking me, I think that’s disappointing, you know. I kind of thought more highly of him than that. But it’s not my choice to really harbor resentment.”

On other matters, though, Steve-O was feeling the love. He noted that, while his DWTS stint is a thing of the past, he plans to continue delivering fancy footwork for the general public’s enjoyment.

“For me not to keep dancing would be a crime against humanity,” he noted.

Oh yeah, and that reported bromance between Steve-O and Dancing hoofer Gilles Marini? It is so totally on.

Asked who his ideal dance partner would be, Steve-O unhesitatingly replied, “Gilles Marini, he is gorgeous…he’s just dreamy.”

No wonder he doesn’t have time to hold any grudges.

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