UPDATE: Emma Watson’s Robsten Confirmation May Be a Fake

UPDATE: According to sources, Romley Davies Publicity, the PR firm that handles the Harry Potter film franchise, has called the Emma Watson quote regarding Robsten bogus. The quote apparently originally ran in I Love You magazine, but the PR firm has reportedly denied that the interview never took place. More details as they come…

Whoops! Did Emma Watson accidentally let out the long-awaited truth about Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

We’ve been torn over the past few months. Are they dating? Are they just “close” friends who like to party together? We just can’t make up our minds!

Now, it seems as though Rob’s Harry Potter co-star has accidentally confirmed the Robsten mystery. 

In a recent interview, she gushed, “Oh god! He’s absolutely hot! He’s driving me crazy…But we’re just good friends and can be on the phone for hours, because I know that there’s something going on between him and Kristen Stewart.”

Well, if anyone would know, it’d probably be her. 

We want your opinion. Do you think Emma’s statement finally confirms that Robsten is alive and well? Have your say in the comments section!