Kelly Rutherford Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

The latest gossip around town is about Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rurtherford and her new baby girl. 

Rutherford just gave birth to a baby girl at 9:20 p.m Monday night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Radar Online reports. 

The new baby girl will join her two-year old brother Hermes Gustaf

What creative name did Kelly give her newly born child? 

Helena Grace

Interestingly enough, Kelly named her daughter after the woman who was the major cause of the Trojan War. 

Helena Grace is at the center of a war as well. Helena and Hermes have been the cause of the custody battle between Kelly and her estranged husband Daniel Giersch.

It’s been a brutal war between the two but hopefully they will be able to come to an agreement soon.