Miley Cyrus: Done With Justin…and Back With Nick Jonas?

Miley Cyrus sure doesn’t wait around long when it comes to love.

E! Online reports that the Hannah Montana star has, in fact, broken up with her underwear-model boyfriend, Justin Gaston, and from the looks of these photos it seems like she didn’t even wait for the relationship to cool off before running back into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas.

According to reports, Cyrus called things off with Gaston last week as she prepared to leave Los Angeles to film the Nicolas Sparks movie The Last Song in Savannah, Georgia. The break-up seemed to be confirmed by a couple of teary-eyed tweets that Cyrus and Gaston posted yesterday.

Sources say that—ahem—a certain former flame of Cyrus’ may have played a part in the split. 

Wanna take a look at these pics and take three guesses as to which former flame that might be?

Okay, this is too easy, so we’ll only give you one guess.

Cyrus and Jonas were together in Malibu, California, on Sunday, filming a video for the song “Send it On,” and between takes they got awfully close to each other.

Like, hugging and flirting close.

Click through or gallery of photos and have your say in the comments section: Do you think Nick and Miley are back together?