VIDEO: The Return Of Zack Morris!

Time out! This may be possibly one of the greatest things Jimmy Fallon has ever done. 

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, aka Zack Morris, star of the cult ’90s show Saved By the Bell, stopped by the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon set in full character last night. It looks like he hasn’t aged a day!

He sported his original blond hairdo, white hightops and acid-washed jeans. He even remembered to bring his massive cell phone—remember how cool he thought that was? 

Jimmy and Mark-Paul discussed a possible SBTB reunion (Elizabeth Berkley/Jessie Spano is in!), his divorce from Kelly Kapowski, and what he’s been up to since the show has been off the air. 

Did we mention he performed “Friends Forever” with his band Zack Attack and The Roots?

Gosselaar’s appearance is already causing waves of excitement in the celebrity community. On her official Web site, Khloe Kardashian raves, “Ahhhh the good old days of television at its best.  They don’t make ‘em like this anymore!”

You said it, sister.

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