Ashley Greene: “Fame is Freaking Out R-Pattz!”

Ashley Greene just can’t seem to stop offering her opinion about the state of Robert Pattinson.

First the Twilight beauty—who plays Alice Cullen in the hugely popular vampire saga—weighed in on the Great Robsten Debate.

Now Greene tells Nylon magazine that the constant attention that fame brings is starting to rattle her co-star R-Pattz.

“Poor Rob is already a Beatle,” Greene tells the mag. “His whole life is documented. If he picks his nose, it’s all over the Internet. He’s just done for. I think he’s kinda freakin’ out, like, ‘What the f*ck is going on?'”

Well, maybe if his friends and co-workers would stop blabbing to the media about his personal life, he wouldn’t feel so self-conscious!

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