Tweet of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Snaps Back at the Paps

Lindsay Lohan’s apparent reunion with lady-love Samantha Ronson doesn’t seem to have mellowed her any.

Now back in L.A. from her London trip, LiLo is again taking aim at one of her favorite targets: the paparazzi.

At least this time, she’s using the power of Twitter instead of throwing eggs at them.

When Linds spotted a pap masquerading as a taxi driver in order to get some shots of her, she did what any smart, modern celebrity gal would do—she took a couple of photos right back at him and Tweeted the evidence.

“lookout 4 this cab! Pap taxi!” Lohan writes. “creepy!! What has this world come to? You can’t even trust your taxi driver!”

You show ‘em, girl!