Exclusive: RPattz’s Friend Bobby Long Performs At Twilight Event

Many Twi-hards know Bobby Long as Rob Pattinson’s longtime friend from England, who recently told Celebuzz that fame “would never affect Robert the wrong way.”

He co-wrote “Let Me Sign” with buddy Marcus Foster, and Rob recorded it for the Twilight soundtrack.

Bobby recently attended the Twilight DVD release event at Berlin’s Knaack Klub, performing and signing autographs for the fans in attendance, and we’ve got an exclusive backstage look of the event in our exclusive photo gallery!

Bobby also gave us an exclusive journal entry documenting his recent experience:

I’ve been in the beautiful city of berlin and played my first German show on the 5th June, I played a show at the Knaack klub and the support i got was incredible. Some people had travelled 800 miles to see me so it was nice being able to say hello afterwards and the people and say thanks to them properly. Later on that night we went to a 60s club that played old blues and rockabilly music. I fell in love with the club, the city and the barmaid in 5 seconds and pulled myself out of the club like a werewolf turning human. Supporting The Subways at the film event on the 6th was amazing. What a great band, we hung out back stage and it was good to be able to ask them about touring etc. Feel back to normal now. Playing a single show can either break your soul and fill it with doubt or fill you with hope and the stride of a stallion, the Berlin shows were definitely the latter. Makes me even more excited for America this July. While we were in Germany me and my manager Phil have decided to do some European shows after the America tour so well be stopping hopefully in Germany, Spain, France etc, so all is well. We will be in Spain from the 15th September!

We flew back to London and then on to Kent, England for Sellinge Festival. Playing on the acoustic stage with emmy the great! I was excited to play my first festival but half sad to think of having left Berlin behind.

Listening to Tom Rush and got a original record of my man Missisipi John Hurt, been treated well.

Bobby Long