Johnny Depp Is Causing Trouble for Johnny Depp

Can there really be such a thing as too much Johnny Depp?

Apparently, in some circumstances, there can be.

Empire Online reports that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is in so much demand that he’s actually getting in the way of his own career.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer reveals that production on Depp’s upcoming Lone Ranger film (he’ll be playing sidekick Tonto) may be delayed, so that the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise can cut in line.

Both movies are Disney productions, and apparently the Lone Ranger movie was the first to be given the go-ahead, but apparently the House of Mouse feels that it would be in its best interest to further the massively lucrative Pirates series first.

“Disney’s priority is to get Pirates made,” Bruckheimer notes. “That’s a great franchise for them and for us too. Beloved, with a great character and Johnny’s really excited about coming back to Captain Jack.”

Bruckheimer goes on to note that, from the few Pirates of the Caribbean 4 script pages he’s seen, the film will be going in a far more Jack Sparrow-centric direction than the last two installments.

Disney hopes to get Pirates of the Caribbean 4 onto the big screen sometime in 2012. No word on how long it will now take The Lone Ranger to hit theaters with the delay.

So Johnny Depp has to put one of his blockbusters-to-be on hold in order to take care of…another one of his blockbusters-to-be.

Must be nice to be so wanted…