Johnny Depp Is Causing Trouble for Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Is Causing Trouble for Johnny Depp-photo

Can there really be such a thing as too much Johnny Depp?

Apparently, in some circumstances, there can be.

Empire Online reports that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is in so much demand that he's actually getting in the way of his own career.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer reveals that production on Depp's upcoming Lone Ranger film (he'll be playing sidekick Tonto) may be delayed, so that the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise can cut in line.

Both movies are Disney productions, and apparently the Lone Ranger movie was the first to be given the go-ahead, but apparently the House of Mouse feels that it would be in its best interest to further the massively lucrative Pirates series first.

"Disney’s priority is to get Pirates made,” Bruckheimer notes. “That's a great franchise for them and for us too. Beloved, with a great character and Johnny's really excited about coming back to Captain Jack."

Bruckheimer goes on to note that, from the few Pirates of the Caribbean 4 script pages he's seen, the film will be going in a far more Jack Sparrow-centric direction than the last two installments.

Disney hopes to get Pirates of the Caribbean 4 onto the big screen sometime in 2012. No word on how long it will now take The Lone Ranger to hit theaters with the delay.

So Johnny Depp has to put one of his blockbusters-to-be on hold in order to take care of...another one of his blockbusters-to-be.

Must be nice to be so wanted...



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  • barbara

    who would not vote for joe

  • barbara

    who would not vote for joe

  • barbara

    who would not vote for joe

  • andrea66

    The answer has to be JOE- obviously!!! He is so damn hot!!! And he is getting hotter and hotter!!!

  • Roxana

    Joe Jonas ... Oh God ! He´s really hot ... but no more that nick

  • luisa

    OMJ he is so H O T... i love you joe JB please como to colombia i love you JJ

  • tanisha

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  • paober27jb

    GOSH!! you dont even think it!! OBVIOUSLY Joe Jonas!!!!he is the most beautiful thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OK the jonas brothers r hot..they are BURNIN UP (lol) but seriously, JOE IS NOT THE HOTTEST JOBRO NICK IS!!!! I

  • lei-lani

    like isnt joe jonas the hottest jb (my dad knows were his house is)

  • katiiaguzman

    joe jonas obviusly whithout no thinking! he is much better! loooooove him!

  • Ella

    I admit, the puppy really looks cute, but OMJ!! It's Joe Jonas!! C'mon!!! hahaha Btw, he's not only cute, he's gorgeous, he's hot. he's sexy, he's handsome, he's....waaaahhhh!!!! beyond perfect!!!!!! lol Did Joe really said those statements???!!! He's amazing!!! loving that babyy boi..

  • Becker

    I love Depp. It makes my hair really manageable. Johnny made a smart move with hair products. He uses it himself which there is no better testimonial. As far as Pirates, I thought that series was resolved. Didn't they save Jack from apparent death and save the world from Octopus man. Tonto would be funny. Maybe Depp will draw inspiration from Jagger this time instead of Richards. A spastic Tonto would be a rave.

  • JohnnyDeppIsAwesome

    cant wait to see Pirates Of The Caribbean 4

  • thisISlame

    another Pirates movie is just another nail in the coffin. the sharp decline for the series came with the second film. I love Johnny, he is a phenomenal actor, but i think his time would be better spent creating a new take on Tonto, than flogging the dead horse that is Captain Jack. But Disney never really seems to know when enough is enough.

  • Sean

    sorry, i ment to say, "IT could be coming out on may 25th, 2012 friday, not i.

  • Sean

    This all sounds like this could be good news in a way for pirates 4 and bad news for the lone ranger!. Which that actually makes me happy because i'm a hugh fan of pirates of the caribbean movies!. I can't wait for pirates of the caribbean 4, which i think i could be coming out on may 25th, 2012 friday.