Miss California Carrie Prejean Doesn’t Know Why She Was Fired

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is lashing out in the media after being stripped of her crown on Wednesday, telling Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that she’s been done wrong.

Pageant organization K2 Productions, with the blessings of Miss USA head honcho Donald Trump, officially relieved Prejean of her title yesterday, citing numerous instances of Prejean failing to fulfill her contractual duties.

But as Prejean sees it, her ouster was delayed payback for her statement against gay marriage, which she made during the Miss USA pageant in April in response to a question from gossip monger/pageant host Perez Hilton.

“It’s just because of my answer, I think,” Prejean opines. “None of this would be happening right now if I just said, ‘Yeah, gays should get married. You’re right Perez Hilton.'”

Previously, Trump had called Prejean “unlucky” in being put on the spot by Hilton with the gay-marriage question. The Donald threw Prejean another lifeline shortly thereafter, when he allowed her to keep her crown after semi-nude pictures of her surfaced on the Internet, in seeming violation of pageant rules.

Nonetheless, Prejean believes she has been wrongfully deprived of her title.

“Of course I want to be Miss California USA,” Prejean says. “I earned it. I deserved it. I won. I beat out 90 other girls. This is something that I did and accomplished and I would like to continue to be Miss California USA.”

As for the allegation that she bailed on numerous contractually mandated appearances, Prejean professes ignorance.

“I’ve tried to reach out to them and I’ve done several appearances and I’m gonna be presenting at the Special Olympics this weekend as an honorary guest,” she says. “I mean, I’ve been cooperating with them. I don’t see why this is happening. This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Prejean is being persecuted for her views, or is she just making excuses for not doing her job?