Yep, David Beckham's Hanging Around in His Underwear Again

Yep, David Beckham's Hanging Around in His Underwear Again-photo

With all the money that David Beckham makes, can't he afford some clothes?

Beckham's latest in a series of underwear ads for Emporio Armani was released in London on Thursday, revealing—in pretty much every sense of the word—the soccer star with a manly scowl on his mug and a dramatic new hairdo sweeping across his forehead.

And he's wrapping a big, thick rope around him, for reasons that have yet to be explained. Must be symbolic or something.

"David has a great sense of style and is an inspiring role model—this is what makes him the perfect partner for Emporio Armani underwear," Giorgio Armani tells Us Magazine.

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of David Beckham's new Armani underwear ad?



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  • Holden

    This poll is based on the assumption that everyone likes Twilight. I don't. There shouldn't have been any films.

  • mary2894

    I would rather they just put the whole book in one movie, no one would care if it was really long, at least I wouldn't.

  • boo

    there shouldn't be NOT EVEN THREE!!!

  • webby

    no, no! they cant cut the breaking dawn into two. its very simultaneous. you cant cut it just anywhere. there's no breaking point.

  • rain

    hmmn,,maybe they can cut it in 2 movies,but the question is until what part they should cut the 4th movie?? my fav. book is the eclipse and breaking dawn. they should cut it in the middle so,people wouldn't expect anything else.because it would be disappointment to me,i expect that the 3rd and 4th or 5th to be a great movie.

  • lahe27

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  • silibrahim

    i think there should be 5 movies bec alot of things happened in breaking dawn and they cant fit everythin in one movie...

  • Katy

    "With all the money that David Beckham makes, can't he afford some clothes?" Why would we want to see him in clothes after that pic?

  • vanessa


  • noah

    Where's his tie?

  • tya

    Whats up with the hair???

  • Moon