Is Robert Buckley the new Chad Michael Murray?

Is Robert Buckley the new Chad Michael Murray?-photo

Robert Buckley is set to replace Chad Michael Murray as the resident hottie on One Tree Hill, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Buckley's best known for his role on Lipstick Jungle but it's his stint on the CW show Privileged that got him the job. 

Buckley will take on the role of Clayton, a cocky young sports agent who represents  Nathan Scott. 

Brian Austin Green was originally in talks for the part but it didn't work out, obviously. And we're glad because Buckley is definitely a fresh face we want to see more of! 

Now that Chad's character is gone, someone has to step in and be Nathan's close friend and ally.

That's where Buckley's character comes in. He's the hotshot wealthy, single guy who comes to Nathan's aid and serves as not only a business partner but also a friend. 

Hopefully he'll save the show from dying as well. Now that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton are gone, the producers are going to need to step it up if they want the show to succeed!

Have your say in the comments section: Are you excited for a hottie like Buckley to join the cast?



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  • ida

    i'm over One tree hill now !! Lucas and Peyton were the show!!! Why change things that don't need to be changed.....

  • anne0488

    hell no. he can never replace chad!

  • rhea

    Right he's hot enough!! But I dont think thats the most imp thing... We spent 6 years watching lucas and peyton, we grew up with them, made mistakes like them.... who the hell is clayton?? we dont know him - its gonna take awhile to connect to his character... good luck OTH

  • nicole

    I'm not agree that this guy Rob should replaced chad....I mean,come on!!Chad is an absolutely great actor...and no-one in this world could ever be Lucas in OTH...the show is gonna be a totally waist of time...and they should be teenagers...not moms and grandpas....and whatever!! I really feel sorry for this show...cause they had destroyed the great memory of the show...

  • Cassie

    I'm not going to criticize until I see the show. Rob is defiantly more my type than Chad, but Hillary was my favorite character. I think the die hard fans will overcome the loss. :-)

  • Carol

    Maybe a nice guy but sorry he is no Chad Michael Murray and he never will be as far as I'm concerned. Nobody can replace him he was and always will be,hot!!!!!! The show has lost a brillant actor.