Karl Lagerfeld Sinks His Claws Into Heidi Klum and Seal

Karl Lagerfeld Sinks His Claws Into Heidi Klum and Seal-photo

Uh-oh; looks like there's a fashion-world face-off in the works!

British newspaper the Sun reports that spindly designing legend Karl Lagerfeld has taken another pot-shot at model Heidi Klum—and this time thrown in a vicious personal dig at Klum's husband Seal on top of it.

Lagerfeld—who opined in February that Klum is "too heavy" to be a catwalk model—now says that she's a virtual nobody in the modeling business.

"I don't know her. Claudia Schiffer doesn't know her," Lagerfeld hisses. "She was never in Paris, we don't know her."

Oh, snap! In your supposedly-too-heavy FACE, Heidi Klum!

But Lagerfeld didn't stop there. The 75-year-old fashionista went on to make light of Seal's skin condition. (The singer suffered as a child from discoid lupus erythematosus, which left scars on his skin.)

"I am no dermatologist but I wouldn't want his skin," Lagerfeld cracked. "Mine looks better than his. He is covered in craters."

Pretty big words, for a guy who looks like he's filled with embalming fluid.

Have your say in the comments section: Did Karl Lagerfeld go too far with his comments?



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  • lking

    I am a hetro female who found nothing wrong in Adam kissing Tommy, which BTW his fans love to see it if it happens in his concerts. If you have not seen a Glam Nation Concert, run don't walk to the Ticket counter. His show is consumate Adam. His voice the best in the business. Get over the kiss that was heard around the world"! His fans loved it.

  • gothichick

    You just have to love him

  • Essanem

    Go ADAM.... Shake em up. We need to revitalize the movement towards tolerance and everyone knows you have to drag the prejudiced and homophobes kicking and screaming into realizing that the world is not what they want it to be... it just is what it is and no amount of squeezing their eyes closed will change that. We are a people of a great variety of needs and do not all fit into the same little square box conservatives want to put us in or label those of us who decide to be happy and live outside the box and therefore the comfort zone of all those happy in the box. I may not be Gay or Lesbian but I definitely cant fit into that box so shake em to the core until they realize its not just their world.... it is all of ours....even us rounded pegs.

  • Ashlee

    I THINK HE'S GROSS - ALL AROUND! WHO THE HELL WANTS TO SEE 2 DUDES KISS? GROSSSSS! I hope he's banned from future award shows, he's just NASTY!

  • oh.

    i think wat he did was fine..many people have done it b4 madonna and britney but just because he is gay n is a guy they took it too seriously..its not right or even fair to say tht was wrong wen there has been worse things on tv than a guy kissing another guy. more power to him for doing it though.

  • Ciaran O'Donnell
    Ciaran O'Donnell

    He was no more over the top than other performers. It is because he is gay and male. I'm glad he didn't apologise on the early show. I bet the early show gets higher ratings than GMA this morning.

  • thank you!
    thank you!

    that makes complete since..and just becasue someones gay doesnt make then any less better than b4

  • Lydia

    Look he is still a great entertainer, I believe he can control hisself if asked to. I think he should be given another chance.He is young and not getting very good advise. I am sure that if he is a true entertainer he will realize that the more people He makes happy the better the entertainer he is.

  • Alley

    That's rich coming from a clearly confused and ignorant poofta. Here in South Africa we think Heidi is not only stunning but has probably the hottest healthy bod (something Karl obviously knows nothing about as he's probably never been with a woman) and she oozes a great down to earth personality. Seal is a brilliant artist and full of soul something that Karl wouldn't know anything about in his plastic anorexic world. P.S Karl we've never seen your stuff in S.A so obviously no one has cared enough about you to bring it here. Heidi and Seal are always welcome to grace our shores!

  • seal too.
    seal too.

    Hello~ Heidi's comments are needed.

  • kreg23

    he should f*ckin' talk! more people know heidi than him..

  • Pop Warner
    Pop Warner

    Is there any creature more vicious than an aging queen?

  • G-money

    too far! Especially for the awful looking oompa loompa that he is! He should be embarassed. Seal couldn't help his skin condition, and happens to have the voice of an angel. Heidi is spectacular, and Schiffer is a has-been. Lagerfeld should shut his wrinkly old trap!

  • Omega

    Best way to get some fame, say terrible thing about famous people! Congrats you win!

  • ames

    what the hell karl! how can u say tht about seal when he suffered from a disease as a child??? what a stuck up biatch karl is.

  • Delilah

    heck yes he did, wow. way to stoop so very low. What happened to people loving and respecting each other. He just makes himself look dumb.

  • Bethany

    Wow did Heidi pee in his cherrios? Pretty sad that he is that awful of a man to make such rude comments about another persons unfortunate condition. I wonder if this awful attiude is how he made his way in the world? Sad sad man.