Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus: Hinting at a Reunion?

Since her break-up with undies-shilling beau Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus has been spending a lot of quality time with her former flame Nick Jonas, leading some to wonder if the pair have gotten back together.

While the Hannah Montana star and the JoBro have yet to affirm that they’re on again, the two have been dropping some pretty heavy hints this week.

In an interview with Nashville-based 107.5 The River’s Woody and Jim morning show on Friday, Cyrus offered a curious assessment of the current state of her relationship with Nick.

“He’s my best friend, and we still hang out all the time,” Cyrus offered. “We’ve definitely reconnected. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but right now we’re just kind of kicking it and hanging out as much as we can.”

Cyrus went on to add, “We both just kind of saw each other and kind of decided this whole thing is kind of stupid. We were all over the separation.”

Hmm; sounds like she’s definitely leaving the door open for a romantic rekindling, if she hasn’t already stirred the embers up a little.

Nick, meanwhile, raised a few eyebrows himself during a free Jonas Brothers concert for fans at Irving Plaza in New York on Thursday, People magazine reports.

Playing coy, Nick offered a cryptic personal musing during the show. “It’s never the end, it’s a new chapter,” Jonas declared. “This is how it worked in my life.”

Gee, what could he possibly have been referring to?

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you think it’s inevitable that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas will get back together—if they haven’t already?

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