Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene Are Quitters!

No…not Twilight, silly!

Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed, however, are trying to quit smoking cigarettes!

As everyone knows, the cast of New Moon loves their cherished smoking breaks, but it’s not a great look to be showing off to their millions of fans around the World.

E! is reporting that the two are trying to become “better role models for their fans.”

A friend close to Nikki spills, “Everyone on the cast smokes, and they are all trying to quit because they are on Twilight and know they are in the public eye.”

The ladies “know they are role models for little kids,” says the pal. “If there are a ton of paparazzi photos of them smoking, that’s not a positive image.”

How are they kicking the habit, which is well-known to be pretty dang tough? SmokeStiks.

“SmokeStiks look like those fake cigarettes actors use in plays,” says a tester. “There’s no smoke; it just lights up when you puff.”

These bad boys don’t come cheap—almost $100 for the starter kit.

Are you glad to see that some of the cast members are trying to quit the nasty habit? We sure are!

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Photo Source: Images