Stephanie Pratt Gets Twitter-pated

Stephanie Pratt wants you to put an end to animal cruelty. We think.

The Hills personality and Spencer Pratt sibling took to her Twitter page last night to encourage her followers to vote for her in a Dog Look-a-Like contest for charity.

“Check it out and vote for me!” Pratt wrote. “Join this contest and help animal cruelty!!”

Wait; what?!!?

Apparently, in her enthusiasm for the cause, Steph left out a crucial word in her call to action.

“Yes to fight animal cruelty!” Pratt clarified soon after, when the Twitter-verse reacted with a collective, “Huh?” “Im sorry that was indeed a typo!!!”

And just to make sure everyone knew which side of the animal-cruelty issue she stood on, Pratt sent out another tweet.

“To help STOP animal cruelty,” she added.

Whew; that’s a relief!

Now that that’s cleared up, on to the more important issue: In the spirit of her contest, what breed of dog do you think Stephanie Pratt most resembles? Have your say in the comments section!