Megan Fox: Entertainment Weekly Photo Outtakes

Had enough sexy Megan Fox pictures yet?

Yeah, neither have we. So here are a bunch of extra photos from the Transformers star’s photo-shoot from her Entertainment Weekly cover story.

And though this is really pretty secondary, we’re including a few choice morsels from her interview as well.

On the possibility of tying the knot: ”I don’t think [marriage] is a realistic goal for me right now. I know I’m not capable at this point in my life of being a good partner or a good wife. That’s like a joke.”

On being misconstrued in the media: ”I don’t understand why people don’t have a f*cking sense of humor. Always assume that I’m being sarcastic. Like when I said those things about High School Musical. I didn’t really mean that it’s about pedophilia. But if you get high and you watch it, that is what that f*ckng movie is about!”

On her acting skills: ”I think I could be [a good actress]. If I really buckle down, I think one day I could be a very good actress. But so far, I haven’t done anything yet.”

On the importance of speaking up: ”I have a really badass personality. I’m smart and I can be really funny and interesting and I can go toe-to-toe with anybody in a conversation. So I’m not afraid to speak, and I think that’s what people read as this überconfidence. I have a mouth and I’m not afraid to use it.”

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