Russell Simmons Says Tila Tequila Is Like Michelle Obama

Finally, Russell Simmons has come right out and said what we’ve suspected all along: That Tila Tequila deserves a spot on the list of The Most Important Women in the History of the World.

In his celebrity blog entry for Global Grind on Friday, the former Def Jam mogul praised Tequila for a blog entry that she herself had written, exposing and condemning the cruelty of the fur trade.

“Our blogger, Tila Tequilla, trumped all of our other celebrity bloggers by handing in the most viewed and commented blog in the history of Global Grind on the subject of animal abuse,” Simmons wrote.

Simmons then went on to draw parallels between Tequila, American First Lady Michelle Obama and French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, both of whom recently pledged to go fur-free.

“This day marks a shift in human consciousness,” Simmons raves. “We are finally, after years of going head to head with the fur industry, changing the way the world views fur.  It is no longer being viewed as a way to floss and show off your status or bank account- it is now a billboard of cruelty on people’s back.”

And Tila Tequila has played a crucial part in this shift in consciousness. If a female version of Mount Rushmore is ever created, Tequila has surely earned a place on it.

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