VIDEO: Ashley Tisdale Does Spanish TV, Gives "Obama" a "Lapdance"

Has Ashley Tisdale been taking lessons from her former High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens?

The Tiz is currently in Spain, promoting her new album Guilty Pleasure, and as part of her promotional duties she appeared on Spanish TV program El Hormiguero (translation: The Hormiguero).

During her segment, Tisdale performed a steamy dance for a Barack Obama impersonator. Check out the video below:

Talk about a stimulus plan!

Check out our massive gallery of Ashley Tisdale on El Hormiguero and have your say in the comments section: Is the Tiz setting a good example for our nation's youth?



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  • Jack

    Holy cow girl, why would you do that to yourself! You should be bumped out of the A scene cuz you are no star now....FAT

  • stallown3d

    Not only is she slutty, but she's awkwardly slutty -- those are the worst types.

    Great role model.

  • ZJ

    you guys are making from it a huge deal... but it was just a joke. She doesn't want to be a "good role model", cz she says she's not perfect, and nobody is. I still love her no matter what, at least she didn't take nude pics of herself and said she was still the innocent cute girl like vanessa. She said she's growing up, and getting over disney, and you guys have no reason to bash her