Aubrey O’Day: NOH8 Drama!

People just love to hate on Aubrey O’Day!

The singer recently shot an ad campaign for the celebrity-supported NOH8 Campaign, and rumors have emerged that do not paint her in the greatest light. Sources on the set claimed that was a complete diva, demanded car service, and then stiffed her driver a tip. 

However, NOH8 cofounders Adam Bouska and Jeff Parhsley are rushing to her defense. They told Us Weekly, “We are happy and excited to have Aubrey O’Day apart of the NOH8Campaign.”

“It is unfortunate that while doing something for the greater good someone found pleasure in trying to tear it down. Aubrey believes in marriage equality which is exactly what this campaign is about. We had a great time shooting her and we can’t wait to release the PSA next week. Aubrey O’Day and the NOH8 Campaign will continue to work together in the fight against hate and discrimination.”

Aubrey also took to her twitter account to express her disgust over the diva accusation. “It’s sad to think that people cant defend a just and honorable cause without being hated on! When has entertainment and profit become more important than the human heart!”

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