Dakota Fanning Rocks Out in Style

Dakota Fanning is maturing very quickly and so is her sense of style. 

Dakota makes the drab look fab by pairing a simple white tee with a black blazer, funky black and white tie-dyed jeans, hip black combat boots and a trendy black bag. 

Can her new edgy look be inspired by her costar Kristen Stewart? Or is she preparing for her new role in The Runaways?

The two have been hanging out a lot lately and were recently spotted partying together at a Nylon party held at The Roxy. 

Looks like they are both living out their rock-star roles and having a fun time enjoying the rock and roll scene. 

Hopefully Kristen will be a good mentor to the 15-year-old and help her deal with the newfound New Moon craziness.

Check out the gallery and tell us what you think about Dakota’s new rocker style