Adam Lambert Prepares to Go GaGa on Debut Album

Adam Lambert Prepares to Go GaGa on Debut Album-photo

We always suspected that Adam Lambert has something in common with Lady GaGa besides a taste for eye-catching fashion.

E! Online reports that the American Idol runner-up has enlisted the services of Swedish-Moroccan producer RedOne, who twiddled the knobs for GaGa's hits "Poker Face" and "Just Dance," for his upcoming debut album.

According to sources, Lambert and RedOne spent the weekend in a Los Angeles recording studio, woodshedding for the upcoming record.

Though Lambert's label, RCA, is remaining mum about the offering, saying that it will be "Queen-inspired," a label source says that RedOne—who's also worked with Akon, Enrique Iglesias and Michael Jackson—will help Lambert look "for a new sound that goes beyond what he did on Idol."

Sounds intriguing. And ambiguous.

Readers, have your say in the comments section: Are you excited to hear the results of their collaboration?



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  • reem

    i lik kim tha body diffrint > but kourtney is kuot

  • eddy

    yeah i love her boo

  • amanda

    even though kourtney has a good body... kim deffintely has a better body than her.....

  • Anonymous

    kourtney by far...

  • Anonymous

    kourtney by far...

  • Kat

    I want him to do a remake of Toto's hits....with his own creative style.

  • MizzLambert

    Please dont rush your excellent album takes time to prepare. I know fans can't wait but please take your time.

  • alex33333

    love u adammmmm,go rock

  • Mimi

    Adam, I miss your performance. Why not realewase it this summer?

  • anna

    I Cant wait,WoW!

  • Monn

    Very excited!Cant wait!

  • rocker

    I would love to have "Crawl to me" on the first album.

  • Selena

    Cant wait for this album