Hannah Montana’s Days Are Numbered!

Sorry, Hannah Montana fans; in the not-too-distant future, you’ll have to get your fix elsewhere.

Though Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has agreed to do a fourth season of her hugely popular TV series, papa Billy Ray Cyrus says it will be her last.

“Quite frankly, I give a lot of credit to Miley for taking it to another year,” the elder Cyrus tells Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “She didn’t want it to just end with whatever was the last episode we did. She wanted it to build to where there’s a moral to the story, to where it doesn’t just end and go away and that’s it. She wanted there to be an official ending to Hannah Montana.”

Cyrus adds that the fourth and final season of Hannah Montana will include 11 half-hour episodes and an hour-long finale, all of which will air next year. “We’ll start (shooting) season 4 sometime around the end of January,” Cyrus offered. “We have to be done by the first week of June in the summer of next year.”

*Sniff*; parting is such sweet sorrow…

Have your say in the comments section: Will you be sad to see Hannah Montana go, and how do you think the series should end?