Kate Gosselin Gets a Visit From the Cops

Jon & Kate Plus 8 matriarch Kate Gosselin may have spent her 10th wedding anniversary away from hubby Jon, but she did have some company over the weekend—aside from her mega-brood, that is.

Us Magazine reports that Gosselin got a visit from the police on Saturday, after calling in to complain that photographers were loitering near her $1.1 million estate in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

Isn’t this the same woman who agreed to have pretty much every moment of her life documented by the cameras?

Gosselin declined to file a report.

Sunday proved to be considerably more mellow for Gosselin, as she ran errands with daughter Leah, dropping in at Starbucks, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. The two were accompanied by a bodyguard—who wasn’t, the magazine points out, her usual protector and rumored love interest Steve Neild.

Hmm, so fickle…