Mel Gibson's Baby Mama Sings!

Mel Gibson's Baby Mama Sings!-photo

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for...Oksana Grigorieva's latest single!

Grigorieva—who of course is carrying Mel Gibson's love child—has made her new song, "Say My Name," available on her Web site. The tune is the first single from her forthcoming album, which is being released on Gibson's Icon Records.

Listen carefully to the lyrics, as they were co-written by Gibson with Grigorieva. (Maybe if you play it backwards, you can hear Mel saying, "I own Malibu"?)

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think of Oksana Grigorieva's new song?




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  • michaela

    you now ashley your always beutiful;thanks

  • mscece18

    She looks better in blond, in we know her in blond hair.

  • Christin

    brunette is nice, but blonde is like the pure living! well, and sandra bullock looks also very gorgeous and fresh with blonde.

  • turgay akgündüz
    turgay akgündüz

    my prefer ıs blonde

  • sophie

    i think ashley looks lovely with both bolnde & brounette but i do prefer brounette :)

  • MyWttyName

    Let's see. Networking seems to be Octomom the 2nd's strongest skill. Despite that, until now, when Mel is really on the hot-seat to explain this well-traveled 40 yr old, been-under-the-knife once-too-often, parasite, are we hearing about her um..undiscovered talent. Not only that she doesn't seem to be very good. Which no doubt explains why no one's heard of her. And why they're GIVING HER STUFF AWAY!!! Anyone else think Mel is greasing palms with payola BIG TIME to any media outlet who will play ball? This may be unparalleled desperation, even for a broken down HW rage-o-holic. Defo fodder for South Park tho, is it not?

  • tweedles

    I think her voice is pretty boring, nothing exceptional at all. blaagh!