The Law Proves Toothless in Jessica Alba Shark Case

Once again, a high-profile celebrity has evaded legal consequences for her actions.

E! Online reports that Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba will not be facing charges for her vandalism spree in Oklahoma City last week.

Alba, currently in Oklahoma City filming the big-screen adaptation of Jim Thompson’s novel The Killer Inside Me, had plastered posters of sharks all over downtown in an effort to draw attention to the dwindling shark population in the world’s oceans.

“The decision has been made to close the case,” revealed police Sgt. Gary Knight says in a statement. “The case will not be presented to the district attorney’s office.”

Alba, 28, could have faced felony vandalism charges for the incident. However, the property owners targeted by Alba’s postering spree declined to press charges.

Alba apologized for the incident shortly after news of it leaked out, stating, “I got involved in something I should have had no part of. I realize that I should have used better judgment, and I regret not thinking things through before I made a spontaneous and ill-advised decision to let myself get involved with the people behind this campaign.”

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