Will Angelina Jolie Be ‘Wanted’ Once Again?

Good news, Angelina Jolie fans! It sounds like you’ll get to see your heroine kicking butt on the big screen once again before too long.

Movie Web site Coming Soon reports that director Timur Bekmabetov, who helmed the 2008 assassin thriller Wanted, is gearing up for a sequel. And—duh—he wants Angie to be part of it.

“In July we will start preparation for the film,” Bekmabetov says of the project, which has a reported budget of $150 million. “I think in the late autumn or winter shooting will be performed. The shooting will take place in America, India and Russia.”

In addition to Jolie, the director hopes to bring Konstantin Khabenskiy, who played the role of The Exterminator, in for Round Two, and he will introduce new characters in the sequel.

Have your say in the comments section: Would you go see a sequel to Wanted, and what actors besides Jolie do you think should star in it?