Bruno Displays Cheek Chic in Paris

Sacre bleu! After providing Eminem and the readers of GQ with ample views of his derriere, Sacha Baron Cohen is presenting his backside to the entire Parisian population.

Cohen was in the City of Lights on Monday for the premiere of his new movie, Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt, which hits theaters in the United States on July 10.

For this momentous occasion, Cohen sported gold lamé lederhosen that showcased his rump in glorious fashion. Part polka band, part Sha Na Na, and all sexy. No wonder the world loves him so. (Well, except for certain bingo-game organizers, of course.)

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